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Hi! You have just arrived at the website of ElScorcho! My philosophy (influenced by/borrowed from a friend) is to benefit others where possible, so I've removed much of the pointless stuff and included more useful stuff. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me at jasonltang@gmail.com. If you have any criticisms or complaints, please see a psychiatrist before emailing.


My Pages

Guide to LoRD - My guide to a popular multiplayer game on ICC!

Random Number Generator - Generates Random numbers from 0 to 50.

Notepad Art - My collection of ASCII art.

Wonderful Life - My blog. Seldom updated nowadays.

Word Jumbles - The traditional word jumbles plus some 9-letter ones.

Divisibility rules - One day when you are threatened at gunpoint to tell someone whether 948392 is divisible by 8, you'll thank me.

ICC tips - My page with tips for playing ICC bullet, blitz and wild.

Rock Paper Scissors - My program especially written to beat humans at the popular game.

Tic-tac-toe program - Plays a perfect game of tic-tac-toe (C source code here). There is also an easier version which plays random moves here.

Decision evaluation table - I'm very interested in this topic. I've tried to make it interesting and useful to you too.


My Files

Joke Book - You need to unzip it from the file, it's a notepad document. (Written in 2007 or something)

Novels - Recommended reading list. Never run out of books to read again. (Updated 4th February 2014)

Latin Squares - Essay I wrote in 2009 while in year 10 about Latin Squares. No, they are not related to Latin the language.


Fun Web Pages

Interactive Cursor Thief - I got up to 2000!

Interactive Buddy - Electronic stress ball

Scratch Pad - Multiuser Notepad, you need to scroll down a bit.

Tower Defence - Basic Tower Defense. I got up to wave 72, how good are you?

Onslaught TD - Another Tower Defense, more sophisticated.


Web pages to visit when you've exhausted all the fun web pages and are still hopelessly bored

Random Click Analysis - Analyses randomness of clicks, my best is 92.

Pi - My favourite number, as everybody knows.

Phi - Another irrational number, but actually has some uses.

Red - Fun simple game.

Feed the Head - There are actually walkthroughs on this game, can you believe it?

Type the Alphabet - I wonder who made it and what his job is? (I got 5.23 secs)


Useful Websites & Pages

Proboards - Host free message boards. Click 'Create a free forum'. Easily customisable.

Gmail - Best free email you can get. No spam.

FICS - This is the best free online chess server.

Google - My favourite search engine

Wikipedia - Internet's best rescource, has stuff on everything.

Wikihow - Has how to articles for the most random things

Geniusprophecy - Hundreds of free articles to help you improve your chess. For all levels.

TED talks - Youtube channel for informative talks by different people. Find something that interests you.


Serious chess. Serious fun!

Page Last Updated: February 4, 2014